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International Protest Campaign against UNiLEVER Racism in Austria

The Austrian branch of transnational company Unilever (Eskimo) is producing and marketing a new ice-cream under the name “Mohr im Hemd” (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohr_im_Hemd).

“Mohr” (moor) as a colonial german word for African or Black people has a heavily colonialist and racist connotation. “Mohr im Hemd” (moor in the shirt) is a traditional Austrian chocolate speciality which reminds of naked, “wild” Africans. Unilever refuses any racist intentions and claims that it has tested the name for it’s campaign in broad market studies without any critical feedback. This does not surprise, given that racist wording and action is still widely accepted in Austria.

That’s why we want to get Unilever as a transnational company to put pressure to its Austrian branch to stop the “Mohr im Hemd”-products and advertising immediately and to bid for excuse officially with Austrian African, Black and other offended groups.

Please participate and write your protest to Press-Office.London(at)Unilever.com, mediarelations.rotterdam(at)unilever.com, karin.hoefferer(at)unilever.com (Austria), katja.praefke(at)unilever.com (Germany)

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