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Magazine African Courier - Who are we?

The African Courier (TAC) is a bimonthly news and cultural magazine published in Germany to report on Africa and the Diaspora African experience in Europe. 

TAC serves as a vehicle of information and communication for The Community of Africans and Europeans who have an interest in the African continent, its peoples and cultures. 

The primary editorial focus of TAC is on issues directly relevant to its readers but which are underplayed in the mainstream European media. These include matters of immigration from the immigrants' perspective, African community activities, African cultural events and opportunities in tourism, trade and investment in Africa. TAC also functions as a medium of news dissemination for the diplomatic missions of African countries and reports regularly on Africa from an African viewpoint. 

TAC is a communication forum for European-African political, economic and cultural exchanges, and a voice for Africa in Europe. 

TAC is distributed by subscription and through press outlets at train stations and airports, as well as in selected bookshops and African shops throughout Western Europe. 

The magazine is also available in selected outlets at airports, supermarkets and press shops in Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at editor(at)theafricancourier.de




From Booker Washington to Barack Obama

Whatever the outcome of the American presidential election of 4 November, Senator Barrack Obama has already made history as the first Black candidate of a major political party at the polls. The historic candidacy must be seen as part of the struggle for Black Equality in America.  In this special report, written exclusively for The African Courier, our New York-based correspondent Gyvara Lasana traces the long history of the struggle of African-Americans for equal rights and opportunities in their homeland and pays tribute to the movers of the civil rights movement who made an Obama candidacy possible in 2008.

Ghana Votes
Ghanaians will go to the polls on 7 December to choose a successor to President John Kufuor, who will be completing his second, and last term, in office. And whichever way the election goes, Ghana will set new records in its democratic history, write our correspondents.

Owning a Home in Nigeria
Owning a house in their home countries is a common investment Diaspora Africans have to make. They do so for a variety of reasons. Building a home at home is like building a future at home as many migrants would like to spend life after retirement in their countries of origin. Some also build to provide a home for ageing parents and a place to stay when they visit. For many, a property at home could be a form of investment from which they derive regular income. 
According to Ahonsi Simeon, the Managing Director of SIM Properties and Homes Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, his company seeks to make the process of acquiring property at home as easy and risk-free as possible for Nigerians abroad. The estate developer, who was recently in Germany to attend the 5th Nigerian-German Trade Development Forum, which took place in Duesseldorf, spoke in an exclusive interview with The African Courier and he talks about how his company can help Nigerians abroad realise their dream of owning “a home at home”.

Dual-Citizenship in Germany
One of the emotional hurdles for immigrants to overcome before applying for German citizenship is the mandatory renunciation of their original nationality. Yet, there are exceptions to the rule. In this exclusive interview, Nigerian-born Efosa Ogieriakhi, who is a practising lawyer in Bremen, explains the Naturalisation Law as it affects dual-citizenship and the circumstances that permit candidates for naturalisation to retain their original passport.

Visiting the Outposts of Slavery in Nigeria
Freedom Pilgrims, a British group, recently organized a tour of the major outposts of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Nigeria. And the country played a very significant role in the inhuman commerce, as 60 per cent of all slaves shipped out of West Africa left from the Nigerian towns of Calabar and Badagry. London-based journalist and photographer Ade Omoloja, who was in the tour group, narrates the emotional journey.

Miss Africa Denmark 2008
Close to 800 people gathered recently at Vega, the main music venue in Copenhagen, to witness the third crowning of Miss Africa Denmark. This year’s long and entertaining show was packed to the edge with beautiful and talented young African women, powerful rhythms and dance accompanied by a cheerful and colourful audience, reports our correspondent Mevis Walter.


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