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Africalink Magazine: A bimonthly magazine of Africans in Switzerland

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africalink is a non-political, non-governmental, independent and not-for-profit voluntary membership organisation with benevolent motives.

Members of africalink envisage a vibrant, well-informed and integrated African Diaspora Community that enjoys cordial and harmonious relations with other communities and contributes positively to the development of its host country and the nations of Africa.

Their goal We intend to be a clear, mature, effective and sustained African voice that becomes a reliable reference point for the African community and its friends not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. 

What does africalink provide?

A platform for positive interaction among Africans, African Diaspora communities and people of African descent in Switzerland, the neighbouring countries of Europe and world-wide.

Promotion of cultural and mutual understanding between African Diaspora communities and their host communities worldwide to enhance harmonious cultural, economic and social integration.

Promotion of mutually beneficial links between the economies of African States and that of Switzerland and the neighbouring countries of Europe.

Promotion of best practices in good governance, democratic values and people-centred development in the nations of Africa. 



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