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Africa Week Celebrations

African Liberation Day (Africa Day, for short), as designated by the African Union, falls on May 25 each year.

Between May 20th and May 25th a number of activities are being organized in that week and grouped together as follows to commemorate
Africa Day:

May 20 (Tuesday): “Afrika Kolloqium”: Dr Manfred von Roncador, Bayreuth University, Germany, talk on some West African linguistic structures (Seminar room 1, at 5pm)

May 22 (Thursday): African Poetry Workshop: Prof Tope Omoniyi of Roehampton University reads and explains his book of poems titled "Farting Presidents" (Seminar room 1, at 1pm)

May 23 (Friday): Linguistics Lecture: Prof Tope Omoniyi of Roehampton University holds a public lecture at the Department (Seminar room 1, at 5pm)

May 24 (Saturday): Open Forum with African Diaspora Community leaders/members and launch of monthly African Poetry Slam series (Department of African Studies Foyer, 11am to 5pm)

11am – 12noon: Lecture on restitution of African cultural objects by Mr Kwame Opoku

12noon to 130pm: Lunch – free African food

2pm to 330pm: Launch of Vienna African Poetry Club followed by poetry readings

4pm – 5pm: Pan-Africanist messages and addresses by African community members present All are invited to participate! Univ.-Prof. Dr. Adams Bodomo, Professor of African Studies (Chair of Languages and Literatures)

University of Vienna
Department of African Studies

                                University of Vienna, Spitalgasse 2, Court 5.1



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