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Poland: Police killed Nigerian and arrested many Blacks in Warsaw

(C) Fot. Filip Klimaszewski / Agencja Gazeta

Warsaw - This night the online newspaper 'gazeta.pl' published another text describing the tragic death of a bazaar salesman, 'Death of a Nigerian - more questions than answers'. According to it, all started with a routine police operation: undercover policemen arrived at the bazaar in a silver van, and went on to control the vendors, most of them black immigrants from Nigeria.

The operation was aimed against the trade of 'illegal goods', mostly meaning faked brand name clothes and pirated DVDs. One of the men started runnig away, and as soon as the policemen catched him, wanting to handcuff him, other salesmen came, attacking the undercover officers. Then one of the Nigerians was shot, most probably in his leg, and soon died of blood loss. Directly after that riots started. 

According to 'gazeta.pl', the vendors went on to throw objects at the policemen and abuse them. Full armed troops which soon joined the operation started to catch out every single black person from the surrounding crowd. 32 men were arrested: 29 Nigerians, one man from Cameroon, one from Guinea and one from India.

Two investigations are being held by the prosecutor, one concerning the assault and battery against policemen, the other concerning the exceed of powers, leading to 'not-intended death of a person'. 

Immigrants who sell cheap and often faked products on this bazaar very often do not possess any legal permission of work and/or residence, their profit is often the only financial source for their whole families.

As the website www.afryka.org informed, the last Sunday was for many communities a celebration time of this year's African Liberation Day (25th May 2010).

Polish Indymedia website called for a protest march which is about to take place today at 7 PM near the bazaar.


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